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11 Genius Engineering Fails: These Stairs Take You Nowhere

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If you are an engineer and a proud one at that, this article is either going to upset you or make you laugh out loud! These Engineering Fails are not only hilarious but epic in their own way. We have only picked out stairs for this article. We have no idea what the civil engineers were thinking when they made this. This one is going to be a treat for everyone and is probably going to leave a couple of engineers baffled!

Well, let’s just say that some of these aren’t “meant-to-be” engineers to put it simply. They had one job to do and look how they have messed it up! These images are a testimony to how it’s important to pick the right engineer for the job. Otherwise, RIP stairs; or anything else they touch!

Have a look at these ridiculously laugh-out-loud worthy Engineering Fails for stairs!


1No, No; the stairs are fine. They forgot to build a room upstairs. It’s nobody’s fault!

Hilarious Engineering Fails

Source : Baton

2How thin do I need to be to get past that?!

Engineering Fails funny

Source : Baton

3Staircase to heaven!

Best Engineering Fails

Source : EMGN

4So you climb the stairs, open the window at the side and jump in. That’s easy and creative.

funny Engineering Fails Images

Source : Fail King

5Why was this built again?

Fail Engineering images

Source : HumorSharing

6There is a room! But it’s invisible. Not everyone can see it.

Funny Architecture Fail images

Source : Java.DZone

7This one leads to Hogwarts! Just climb really fast and get through it.

Fail Architecture pictures

Source : LearnSomething

8So the stairs are cool, but is from where is Rapunzel planning to escape?

Best architecture fail images

Source : Pinterest

9These have to be the stairs from Inception. Nolan can explain!

Inception Staircase - Paradox

Source : Pinterest

10Umm…long jump?

Broken Staircase fail image

Source : WonderfulEngineering

11Just could not come up with logic for this. It’s that bad!

logicless Staircase

Source : WonderfulEngineering

These Engineering Fails are every civil engineer’s nightmare for sure.

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