A Hilarious Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Game Of Thrones Mash Up

How bored are we waiting for GOT season 6?! People are coming up with random madness with Game of Thrones will the world waits for season 6. Take this Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Game of Thrones Mash Up for example; it’s absolutely insane, out of the box and yet so hilarious you will probably trip over from the chair. Who would have ever though Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Game of Thrones mash up could actually be conceptualized and that it would actually work? What we absolutely adored was the scene picked from both the film and the series.

The idea is not new, we agree, but the execution makes the video priceless. from music to dance, we have often witnessed east and west coming together to create love, inspiration, horror or humour. Humour is out most favourite of the lot. This video has made it to our top five list not only because of the humour, but for the sheer courage to pull of an idea this challenging. There isn’t a single moment when the humour drops and you start feeling bored. When one attempts something this complicated, it’s important to maintain the interest of the audience, otherwise it falls flat on it’s face and generates anger. Parodies on Game of Thrones isn’t new; Indians have often used Bollywood to do the same, but very few have been this interesting. If you are a GOT fan, this is an absolute must watch. It’s so good that Shahrukh too has retweeted it from Twitter! How else do you think we got to know about this?! Watch it, share it and let the world know how much India loves Game of Thrones and anything that’s even remotely associated with the series. George R. R martin, this one’s for you!

Enjoy while we endlessly wait for this year to pass.

Source: Vipra Dialogues

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