Arnab Goswami, Anurag Kashyap And Several Others Feature In Hilarious AIB Unoffended

AIB is back! And this time they aren’t alone; Arnab Goswami is with them! AIB Unoffended is a fantastic satire on the current scheme of things in the country where anyone takes offense to just about anything in the country. The script focuses on people who “chill” and do not take offense to anything in general. They are considered a threat to this nation of diverse cultures where taking offense is considered healthy and “normal”. The video is not only hilarious and entertaining, but also a big eye opener for most of us who love making issues out of nothing.

Satire and these guys seem to be siblings since the beginning of time. Take any of AIB’s videos and try to analyse them after you’ve had your share of laughter. It’s always so deep and shocking, all wrapped up in laughter; it’s amazing. It takes a lot to speak out and share your opinions, but it takes a lot more to say it out loud while you entertain people. Whether it’s the country’s lifestyle, politics, films, women’s safety; take any topic and give it to these guys, we know they will never disappoint. We so wish people understood “The Roast” in the same way; oh well! Coming to the video, it has practically everyone who is famous for having an opinion about the recent happenings in the country. The star of the video is Arnab Goswami undoubtedly.

Every time we look at AIB we think this must be it; then they raise their bar with the next video. AIB Unoffended is a must watch! Big thumbs up guys!


And now, Here’s a video of the making of AIB Unoffended where you can actually find Arnab Goswami laughing! I KNOW!


Source: All India Bakchod

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