A Rakhi Promise


Domestic violence; we all know what it means and how that is one of the most crucial issues for women’s safety right now and yet most of us fail to strongly raise our voices against it. A rakhi promise is a splendid video that addresses this issue and hits the right chord while it does that. Most brothers are ready to draw swords and sacrifice their lives when it comes to protecting their sisters, but do they feel the same way about their wives? A rakhi promise addresses this most crucial question. Just like your sister is someone’s wife; your wife is someone’s sister too.

This is a brilliant way to put across such a sensitive topic with such maturity. It not only sends across the message loud and clear, it hits you hard. It’s sad that as a nation we are now reduced to a state wherein we need to bring in the sisters of the guys in order to make them understand why abusing women or their wives is wrong.

We know that Rakshabandhan is long gone, but then do we really need a day to post videos like these? Of all the people who are making a consistent effort in changing the condition for women, here is one more video to the list that is trying to alter the state of things in the country. They have fulfilled their part of the job by making such a beautiful video; it’s our job now to see to it that it is shared on several social media platforms so that the message reaches as many people as possible.

This video will inspire every girl to raise her voice against the violence meted out towards any woman at home or in the society.

Do give this a watch and share it.

Source : Broken Cameras Films

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