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A Perfect Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams
Tribute to Robin Williams

A Perfect Tribute to Robin Williams


If ever you have loved Robin Williams, if ever his sudden death saddened you, then this is the video that will bring back fond memories of this actor and his brilliant performances. Touched by Robin Williams and his marvelous performance in iconic films, filmmaker, actor/model Jamie Costa pays the perfect tribute to Robin Williams in this fantastic video. He hasn’t only acted splendidly, he even looks a lot like Robin Williams. This video will take you through a very emotional journey of William’s iconic performances in several films. A lot of fans made videos after his unfortunate demise, but this one is class apart. Instead of putting his quotes or images, Costa actually dressed like the characters he portrayed in every film and delivered his lines. One can clearly see the effort Costa has put into making this fantastic video. We are sure Robin Williams is grinning up there. Published on the 13th of April, 2015, the video is already garnering a lot of interest and positive reviews from fans. Whether you have watched one film or all (starring Williams), you will be able to relate to this one easily. It’s an incredible 20 impressions tribute. It’s titled, Never had A Friend Like Him.

Well done Costa, truly creative!

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