Ekta Kapoor And Friends Mash Up

This is madness! We don’t even know whether we are offended by this blasphemy or we enjoyed it. It’s a trick question. Or like Ross says “Sophie’s choice”. This Ekta Kapoor and Friends Mash up is insane! INSANE! Expect the unexpected and it is happening right here.

Last year the internet lost its cool when reports of Ekta Kapoor planning an Indian adaptation of Game of Thrones started doing the rounds on social media. Now, here someone took it too seriously and actually made an entire Ekta Kapoor and Friends Mash up. If you are up for crazy laughter and aren’t the kinds who crib about the internet ruining your favourite shows with memes, you must watch this.

Fair warning, this isn’t for everyone! All of us have a big connect with Friends, but some of us are a little over board to the extent that no amount of mixing with the series is tolerated. We humbly request that kind to walk away right now. This isn’t meant for you peeps.

The way Chandler’s, Monica’s and everyone else’s expressions have been edited to suit the video is hilarious. The best bit is that Chandler’s sarcastic expressions are retained in this video to create more sarcasm. If you believe you haven’t laughed in a long time, this mash up is what you need to see right now.

This is definitely much more enthralling for the Indian audience. But we are not ruling out the possibility of fans from other nationalities enjoying this video. After all it is Friends! One doesn’t really look for an excuse to skip anything regarding the series ever! Watch this hilarious Ekta Kapoor and Friends Mash up and share it away.

DO NOT miss the end! This won’t disappoint you.


Source: Bollywood Gandu

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