Sheldon Cooper Meets Indian Celebs


He is annoying, irritating and stingy, but there isn’t one person who doesn’t adore Sheldon cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Ever wondered what would it be like if Sheldon Cooper Meets Indian Celebs? It sounds insane, right? Not only because Sheldon wouldn’t stop being his crazy self, but also because our celebs are no less either. Just imagine what would happen when Sheldon’s logical mind coupled with his “emotionlessness” was to bump into every celebrity in India. It sounds insane no? Wait till you see these images of the conversation if Sheldon Cooper meets Indian celebs.

The brilliant creatives are designed by This is a treat for every Indian who has been a huge fan of Sheldon Cooper. Not only is the idea brilliant, but conversations are equally hilarious. Have a look at some of these.

That time when Sheldon cooper meets Nirmal Baba and looks for emotional help
Sheldon cooper meets Indian Celebs


And how would be when Arnab’s question would back-fire in the most epic way!
Sheldon cooper meets Indian Celebs


And after everyone critiquing Ravi Shastri’s commentary; this is what Mr. Cooper had to say
Sheldon cooper meets Indian Celebs


How can we leave out Delhi’s Chief Minister and his take on the Prime Minister and his party?
 Indian Celebs meet Sheldon cooper


And then there is our Master Blaster who can give insane burns to Sheldon Cooper and his PhD degree.
Indian Celebs meet Sheldon cooper


And then there is Rajnikaanth; need we say anymore?
Indian Celebs meet Sheldon cooper

These are only some of the Indian celebs that have been taken into consideration. What are the other Indian celebrities you would want Sheldon Cooper to meet? We are looking for some of the most interesting combinations. Also, to get your creative side kicking in a lot more, you can also give us a probably conversation Sheldon Cooper would have with that particular celebrity. If we like it, it will be up.

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