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Know Your Boyfriends, A Video Every Girl Must Watch

Hilarious video on Boyfriends
This Hilarious video about boyfriends is a must watch for every girl!

Know Your Boyfriends, A Video Every Girl Must Watch


Most of the girls believe that it’s always sweet and safer to be with their boyfriends. But then there is a type to that too and sometimes that can be more scary and challenging to handle. Keeping this context in mind these guys made a light, hilarious video explaining the same. This fantastic video by Being Indian is entertaining, hilarious and has a deep message embedded in every scene without it being too serious or boring. Several women complain about their relationships, find something unusual about their boyfriend’s behaviour or sometimes just get bored. Well, Being Indian is here to solve your issues and tell you exactly what ‘type’ of a guy are you dating. They have literally categorized boyfriends according to their traits and told you what’s in their mind. From general habits to their attitude towards a relationship, everything is out in the open here. They have obviously not talked about the conventional ‘good’ guys because well those are easy to spot. But these ones are awkward, annoying, weird and some just downright insensitive. We are sure that the Being Indian team will surely come up with a video that portrays types of Girlfriends very soon. And they must. After all, men deserve to know that too. The best thing with the team is that their ideas, execution, script, actors and the message is always very clear and crisp. You will definitely laugh throughout the video, but after it’s over, you will take a minute, ponder and agree with everything you just saw. That’s the beauty. Also, guys please don’t take this personally. It doesn’t apply to every guy and most women have the better mind to know that. But then, guys like these do exist in relationships. Published on the 16th of April, 2015, this one is already getting a lot of hits.

Watch it, have a good laugh and don’t forget to hit share.

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