Group Texts In Real Life


Group texts on Whatsapp seemed like fun when they started out. But later did we realize that they are an unwanted stress. Group texts in real life would look ridiculously hilarious if we ever had such conversations. Imagine talking to a bunch of people where everyone’s talking and no one’s listening. Or even worse, two people are having a private conversation in a group. Would you do that in real life? I figure not!

“Group texts in real life” by superwoman is a hilarious take on how things would be if we did talk to each other in the way we text. Many of us always have that one friend who types one word in one message. How would it sound if s/he spoke in the same way? Unbelievably hilarious! The video explores and presents all kinds of friends. There are two people who are having a private conversation in the group and one who jumps in and out of the conversation without prior notice. Then there is one who will only talk via emoticons. S/he is in the conversation and yet out of it. As is this mix isn’t enough, somebody absolutely random will be added to the group. Half the people don’t know that person while he is still chatting around.

Group texts in real life is hilarious, mad and the right projection of what group texts are like these days. The video has received a lot of views and is been shared on all social media platforms. If you are on online groups, you will connect to this video in an instant. In fact, you will look at these characters and identify your friends from the group with them. You could also end up identifying yourself with one of them.

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Source: IISuperwomanII

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