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So we usually look at ourselves as the smarter, brighter lot who impart wisdom. But are we really that sorted all the time? Mostly not! We assume kids are innocent and know nothing. But then children have a way of functioning that isn’t only cooler, but also better that what several adults do. If you still have a breathing child in you; you will love this article. We bring to you 10 things we can learn from children. Honestly, we personally do not believe that there are better teachers in this world than a child.

1The ability to say a “NO”

We have been forced to agree and nod our heads for things we don’t want to do. Children will easily disagree to things it doesn’t want to do. We cannot always keep everyone happy. Learn it from a child.

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2The ability to love unconditionally

No questions asked. Children will love you the way nobody else ever can!

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3They don’t judge people

Religion, race, caste, class, colour is just not them. They will go anywhere if it keeps them happy.

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4Laugh out loud

A child will laugh like there is no tomorrow. It is the most beautiful sound in the world, not only because it is a child, but also because it is honest.

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5Cry out loud

It is important to express and vent how you feel! Cry it out when you feel so. Never hold it in.

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6Eat whatever!

And however! Food keeps you happy! Never give up on what you like. Eat what your taste buds crave for and ban all formalities.

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Stop killing your sleep! The term “sleep like a baby” is popular for a reason.

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8Value animals

Look at the way children treat animals. It is the kindest thing ever! Learn it and stop mistreating animals.

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9Imitate to become better

Have you noticed how children imitate their elders? There isn’t anything wrong in imitating somebody if that makes you a better person. Imitate and learn, but keep your individuality intact.

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A child will argue, cry, fight and then forgive in a jiffy with no grievances whatsoever! This is probably the biggest lesson we need to learn today.

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What are the other things we can learn from children? Share in comments.

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