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Four Plots From Game Of Thrones Books We Want To See In Season Six

Four Plots From Game Of Thrones Books
Game of Thrones Throne

Four Plots From Game Of Thrones Books 


A Song of Ice and Fire has its own set of readers and mass fan following. But not ever Game of Thrones fan has read the books or plans to read them any time soon. We bring to you five Game of Thrones books plots that would make for some brilliant plots twists and storylines.

1The Greyjoys Might Return On the Big Screen

Everyone was quite elated when we saw Yara Greyjoy’s (Asha Greyjoy in the books) picture in the 24 images that HBO released recently. All of us remember Yara as the sister of Theon Greyjoy who rushes to rescue him from the torment and torture of Ramsay Bolton. But the story of the book is very different.

In the book, Yara’s father, King Balon falls off the tower bridge mysteriously and passes away. A kingsmoot is called and her uncle Euron Crow’s Eye is appointed as the new King. Euron sends his brother (Victarian) to the East to ally with Daenerys. But he (Vicatrian) plans to marry Daenerys and usurp his brother’s kingdom. Yara escapes from her home and is made captive by Stannis Baratheon. She reunites with her brother Theon there who survived the fall.

In the show Stannis is dead already and Theon’s father is still very much alive. We will have to wait and watch what parts of the original story does the team us.

P.S: Euron Crow’s Eye has a magical horn that can control dragons. You know what it is CODE RED, don’t you?!

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2Jaime Could Go To Riverlands

Brienne of Tarth

At least that is what happens in the book. Cersei sends him them to finish off with the Tully’s and take charge of Riverlands. The entire sequence of Jaime in Dorne has been over rated in context of the books. Jaime could command high end action sequences in Riverlands with the Tullys.

Ser IIyn Paayne is the one who teaches Jaime to combat with his left hand in the book. We assume that Bronn will stick by Jaime in the series. They do make a good team. Gwendoline Christie has already promised a big season for Brienne in the sixth instalment. We won’t be too surprised if she bumps into Jaime now. At least the book suggests so.

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3The Tarlys Could Make Their Big Entry

Samwell Tarly hasn’t only received unconditional love from Jon Snow, but from the audience as well. The goofy, emotional and quite intelligent Sam has spoken about his strict father quite often. But the audience never got around to looking at him. Brienne Tarth meets Randyll in the book while he is executing criminals. He tries to send her back to her father, but she presents a letter from King Tommen and is allowed to leave.

There are chances that in the series Samwell might return home with Gilly and we might be introduced to the Tarlys that way. In the book, it is Randyll who goes to the King’s Landing and secures the freedom of Margaery Tyrell.

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4Arya Stark: The Assassin

Arya’s loss of sight was a bolt to all of us. But unlike in the series where she loses her sight after killing Ser Meryn Trant, but a deserter from the Night’s Watch. Nevertheless, she continues to train with the Faceless Men and becomes an expert at the Lying Game. She learns to use all her sense sharply and is given her sight back later.

This was her second murder in the series. We wouldn’t be too surprised if Arya becomes the Killing Machine in the series with that ever growing long list of people to dispose off. Massie Williams could ace it!

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These are the four plots from Game of Thrones books we sincerely hope are somehow incorporated in season six. Release the season already HBO!


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