This Is What Happened When SRK And Sundar Pichai Met Each Other At Googleplex

They hail from two very distinct universes that don’t directly have anything in common. SRK and Sundar Pichai are both icons for most Indians today and it is no less than a treat to watch the two of them share the same stage at Googleplex. The video is old, but it’s a treat for most fans who may not know about this. So Shahrukh and the happy New Year team were there at Googleplex last year and the interview was hosted by Pichai. Watching SRK and Sundar Pichai, kings of two very separate genres, is absolutely overwhelming.

The video also shows Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan and team Happy New Year in a conversation with the now Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The video started trending today after Sundar Pichai was declared the CEO by Google earlier this week. It’s interesting and unique to see people from two very separate fields coming together in  a candid conversation. Shahrukh is his charming best. The world knows that he is extremely smart and witty and that shows here to. It’s something else to watch/listen to this man’s interview. Probably many of us didn’t even know that the Happy New Year team was invited to the Google Headquarters until this video came up.

What is really heart warming is to see so many fans thronging the hall to catch a glimpse of this rare occasion. It’s not rare to see actors promoting their films abroad, but to do that with Google’s CEO is not something we get to see often. This has come as a pleasant surprise both for Indian Bollywood and Google fans. Watch it while you are here.

This is a rare sight. Don’t miss it!


Source: Talks at Google

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