People Who Love To Sleep Posters


Sleep is one of our basic needs. While some of us are okay with a couple of hours; there are many who are probably born to sleep. No matter what day, time or month of the year these guys are always sleeping or sleepy. Lingvistov designed these funny, witty and cute posters that are meant for these people.

It’s not even like these people are rare. look around you and you will find them lying near some corner of the wall taking a nap. Road trips, picnics, parties, late night movies, dinner parties, these guys are forever snoring and proving their eternal love for sleep. Their idea of an idea holiday is to sleep in cosy cushions and only wake up to eat. Poor things always end up apologizing for coming across as rude and disinterested. But it’s really not their fault! And God forbid if you ever invite them for a couple of drinks, you know that they are going to get sloshes in no time and then sleep over at your place.

These images are a love letter to these cute, drowsy little beings who cannot not sleep! The images are absolutely apt and will help you to understand their nature better. While most of us avoid work or postpone it to the next day for something else; these guys eternally postpone everything just for a nap. And by nap, we don’t mean a “power nap”. That’s a joke for these guys. It has to be something longer and satisfying to their “sleepy” soul.

If you too are a part of People Who Love to Sleep, you will truly understand these posters. In fact they are made for you.


People Who Love To Sleep


People Who Love To Sleep


People Who Love To Sleep


People Who Love To Sleep


clinomaniac sleepy people


clinomaniac sleepy people


Sleepyheads slumbersome


Sleepyheads slumbersome drowsy


Sleepyheads slumbersome drowsy


Sleepyheads slumbersome drowsy people


 a haiku on sleepy people


Morning lazy people


Drowsy Sleepy cats


Lazy SleepyHead Peopl


Lazy SleepyHead drowsy People

Laugh away, enjoy and don’t forget to tag your ‘sleepy friends’.


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