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11 Short Five Word Horror Stories

Five Word Horror Stories   Most of us love horror and cannot get enough of it, check out our other edition on Short Horror Stories as...

10 Epic One Liners That Are Witty, Smart And ROFL Worthy

Epic One Liners   Everyone loves a great sense of humour and witty comebacks. One Liners are the in thing and the living definition of anyone’s...

15 Hilarious Posters On Everyday Truth And Lies That We Say

Everyday Truth And Lies Posters   None of us can say that we are absolutely honest people. There is always a truth behind avoiding a date, meeting...

Cute Minimalist Dog Breeds Illustrations

Cute Minimalist Dog Breeds Illustrations   We all love dogs, don’t we? But that time when you are playing with a cute little pup and someone...

18 Smart Company Logos To Feed Your Creative Soul

Smart Company Logos India is now known as the land of startups. You may have the best ideas, team and company, but it’s your company...

Brazilian Artist Turns Photos of People Into Funny Illustrations

Brazilian Artist Turns People Portraits Into Funny Illustrations   There is no end to creativity and Brazilian artist Julio Cesar proved that yet again. The Brazilian...

15 Posters People Who Love To Sleep Will Totally Agree With

People Who Love To Sleep Posters   Sleep is one of our basic needs. While some of us are okay with a couple of hours; there...

A Gandhinagar Based Gujarati Mechanic Designed An AC Sofa And It’s...

Gujarati Mechanic Designed An AC Sofa   A sofa isn’t something that excites us. It’s a usual everyday routine. But then came in a genius! A...

Fuckilarious Bullshit: Serial Kolor Converted The Worst Client Comments Into Posters

Fuckilarious Bullshit: Serial Kolor    As people of art and design you genuinely want to get into the thoughts and ideas of your client and deliver...



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