Shahrukh Khan Speech At Edinburgh 


The University of Edinburg gave an honorary degree to Shahrukh Khan for his tremendous contribution to Bollywood. On the occasion, Dr. Shahrukh Khan gave an inspiring speech to the students at Edinburgh. The inspiring Shahrukh Khan speech at Edinburgh has been heard over and over again by his fans across the world.

The actor was asked to give a motivating lecture on life lessons. We all know the level of Shahrukh’s humor and wittiness. Using those, he delivered probably one of the most inspiring speeches at the university that the world is going to remember for a very long time. Dressed in a smart suit and looking stunningly handsome, Shahrukh Khan started off by discussing his experience at a conference. He then began by discussing the plot of his first super hit film “Deewana” and gave out his first Life lesson from there. Madness is inherently important for progress and happiness. From there he moves on to his next film “Chamatkaar” and how all of us are gifted with the miracle of life. He says it’s important we focus on that instead of waiting for something life changing to happen to us without any efforts.

He moves on to explain life lessons through his films obviously coupled with his quirky humor and brilliant sense of wittiness. Usually lectures are tipped as boring and close to a rant; out here you can listen to Shahrukh for hours and not get bored. Although he is reading out from his notes, there isn’t a single moment when you feel like the link is lost or that he is going off track. It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to this power house of talent. If we had so much fun on Youtube, we have no idea how would it be for the live audience.

Shahrukh Khan’s life lessons are exactly what every kid from this generation needs to listen to. After listening to the speech, we aren’t too surprised the it is trending. Shahrukh Khan speech and the way he conducted himself there proves why there cannot be another Shahrukh Khan ever! This is one Shahrukh Khan speech you must not miss at all!


Source: The University of Edinburgh

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