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Most of us have learnt our lessons sitting within the fur walls of a classroom. Lately, most of us have realized that we tend to learn things better from a practical point of view rather than only a theoretical one. Emphasizing over the same concept, National Institute of Event Management (NIEM), believes in teaching its students the concept of event management and logistics by asking them to organize a theme party every year. We bring you exclusive pictures of 2015’s NIEM Theme party. If you ever wished to learn something with a lot of fun, this is the place to be.

NIEM theme party always comes up with most unique themes for a party ever! One thing you must note is that the theme is decided by the students and the faculty plays no role in suggesting or influencing their decision. This is crucial because it allows the students to grow and get their ideas together. Such theme parties are also the best way to come up with team building and ice-breaking exercises with the students. It helps the students to listen and understand the opinions of others. It also puts under test their decision making skills which is the corner stone for any and every management study.

NIEM theme party this year was called SWAGESI. Have a look!


The grand entrance

NIEM theme Party 2015 Entrance

The heartwarming welcome by the students for the faculty!

NIEM theme Party 2015 Entrance

The brilliant décor!

NIEM theme Party 2015 Entrance

It was a beautiful synchronization of western and modern

NIEM theme Party 2015 Entrance

The well was the highlight, along with the beautifully detailed hand pump.

NIEM theme Party 2015 Entrance

The students put up some brilliant performances for the guests

NIEM theme Party 2015 performances for the guest

The anchors kept everyone engaged

The Anchors at NIEM theme Party

One big happy family!

Group photo at NIEM Ahmedabad Party

Centre Head, Priyesh Sagar, with all the students

Priyesh Sagar at NIEM ahmedabad Party

The faculty had a blast!

The faculty at NIEM Ahmedabad party

Here’s a video on all the “behind the scenes” action that took place while preparing for the theme party.

Fun, right?


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