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ABCD 2 Trailer is Out, Get Ready to Burn the Dance Floor

ABCD 2, Trailer
ABCD 2 trailer is out and looks fantastic

ABCD 2 Trailer is Out, Get Ready to Burn the Dance Floor


We know we are late by five days, but for those of you who still haven’t watched it, here’s your chance. ABCD 2 trailer is out and this time the war is in Vegas baby! A lot of rumors were doing the rounds about the ABCD 2’s cast and who gets to do what role. Well, it’s all out and clear now. As far as the ace dancers are concerned, they are mind blowing as always. The story seems to proceed from where it ended in part one. The two fresh additions to the story are the very talented heart throbs Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan. And boy! They are so good with their moves. Varun, had expected, he’s always been good. But Shraddha took us by surprise. ABCD 2 surely looks more glossy and classy compared to part one. And this time it’s all about Hip Hop. Swag moves and a lot of back stage drama we presume. A lot of media houses reported that Prabhu Deva is playing a negative role in ABCD 2. Well, it was difficult to judge that by the trailer since he seemed to be playing his usual happy, supportive and encouraging Vishnu Sir. If the reports are true, maybe the crew wants to keep his negative side as a surprise for the viewers. Whatever it is, we must say that the first look of ABCD 2 is thrilling and will work as an encouragement for several youngsters who want to make a career in dance. The film is set to release on the 19th of June and is in 3D (obviously). You can catch the exclusive 3D trailer of the films only in theatres (unfair, we know!). This monsoon it’s going to rain dance, we presume! ABCD 2 will make sure it does.

Director: Remo D’souza

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Raghav, Dharmesh

Release date: 19th June, 2014

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