This Beautiful Myntra Radhika Apte Film On Bias At Work Towards Pregnant Women Is A Must Watch

How often does it happen that a woman is not considered for promotion or bonus just because she is pregnant? How often have we raised our voice against this bias? Almost never, right? This beautiful Myntra Radhika Apte film has been trending on the internet lately for all the right reasons. Radhika is popular among fans for her bold statements and brilliant choice of films. It came as no surprise when she picked up this project by ANOUK for Myntra which talks about the bias against pregnant women at work.

The film has been critically acclaimed by practically every Indian across all social media platforms. Myntra Radhika Apte film promotes the brand very subtly focusing not only on the clothes, but on the injustice that every pregnant woman suffers at work. The film hasn’t only been appreciated by women, but also by men. We sincerely hope that the film brings about a positive change in the attitude of people. It isn’t only a lesson for the bosses; it is also a wake-up call for the clients who are fussy about pregnant women handling their projects.

Myntra has been into this kind of a bold marketing for a while now. After displaying ads on lesbianism and raising voice against abuse, the third installment of their “Bold and Beautiful” promotional campaign has caught everyone’s attention. The subject is quiet sensitive and has been dealt with immense care and maturity. Radhika has added her own charm to the film.

The Myntra Radhika Apte film might as well be considered as one of the most popular ad campaigns of recent times. We are so proud of you girl! Radhika’s off-beat character portrayals in films have got her soaring high each day! This one is an added feather to her hat.

Women, do not miss this one under any circumstances!


Source: Myntra

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