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How many times has it been that you read an English idiom and took time to understand its meaning? Or you took it literally and used it out of context everywhere? Roisin Hahessy is an English teacher and the language is her primary priority. While working on the language, she tried to imagine how certain idioms, if translated literally, would sound extremely funny and created these illustrations. These Funny English Idioms are not only funny because of their literal innovative illustrations; they also explain the actual meaning of the idiom. This one’s an absolute delight for every English enthusiast out there! There are several Funny English Idioms out there, but usually it’s the meaning that makes them funny. Roisin created illustrations of the literal meaning of these idioms and generated humour.

You know one of those times when you feel how’d it be if idioms were translated literally? This is exactly that. These can be used as flash cards in school for sure. I guess that was the purpose of making these in the first place. Talk about clubbing learning with fun and this is your answer. The idioms are beautifully designed, have a humorous side to it and correctly explain the meaning of each idiom without complicating things anywhere. The idioms and their quirky designs have been loved by several websites over the internet and have been put into articles. It’s just a new way to bring together art and literature in an attempt to teach a language.  That’s three aces in one. These will give you a perspective into idioms and how one can create humour just by translating idioms literally. This is a new revolution for online teaching and leaning things off the internet.


You can check her complete works at

Funny English Idioms - its as simple as that

Funny English Idioms - a piece of cake

Funny English Idioms - Kick the bucket

Funny English Idioms - Heart in your Mouth

Funny English Idioms - Head in the cloud

Funny English Idioms - Dead as a Doornail

As cool as a cucumber

Blue in your face Idiom

Hold your Horses Idiom

A storm in a teacup idiom

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