Carice Van Houten In Conversation With Seth Meyers

Yesterday, Seth Meyers published a video of taking Melisandre to a baby shower and that broke the internet with oodles of laughter. We have now got our hands on this epic video of Carice Van Houten in conversation with Seth Meyers.

Carice Van Houten revealed the kind of problems she has while projecting the challenging role of Melisandre and what are the kind of questions she asks her team off and on. So while Seth Meyers tried to find out spoilers or something regarding the plotline of teh show; Carice had some brilliant hilarious answers to give.

She said stuff like “It could be anything”, “I could eat Daenerys this season” her sense of humour was top notch! Carice Van Houten in conversation with Seth Meyers revealed some of the most hilarious moments from the show.

If you remember Melisandre had to seduce Jon Snow in the last season. And while any man would have not taken a second to take the offer, Jon Snow resisted it by saying “I have made a sacred vow”. Carice Van Houten said that in the script after Jon Snow’s line about the vow, the writers described Melisandre’s expressions with a “Bitch Please” in the script.

Imagine how awesome the show is! They have stuff like that written in the script!

The other iconic scene that she gave which really brought Malisandre on the block was the “shadow baby birthing thing”. She discussed in the interview about shooting that scene, the inflated fake belly and how it was really awkward for the funniest reasons ever!

Carice Van Houten in conversation with Seth Meyers revealed some of the most fun moments about Game of Thrones.

So apart from “The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors” what is the other line she would really love to say as Melisandre?

Watch the video to find out 😉


Source: Late Night with Seth Meyers

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