Game of Thrones Season 6 Official Trailer

I am breathing hard and my fingers are shivering. I just watched Game of Thrones season 6 official trailer and I cannot wait for the series any more. It is war time now and winter has finally arrived.

While all of us have waited with bated breath for the epic season 6 to kick start, the trailer has brought in immense feels as well as a lot of discussions for fans.

HBO, you are incredibly smart! And this has to be the perfect gift for Women’s Day by the way! Game of Thrones season 6 official trailer is amazingly insane.

By now I am assuming that all of us are twisted enough to understand the layers and sharp nuances of this series. The trailer is all of that and a lot more. It covers glimpses of every possible character and what are we in for when we see them in season 6.

While a handcuffed Daenerys discovers what can only be described as the biggest group of Dothrakis ever, EVER; we have Cersei declaring war with anyone who has hurt her and her children. Her dialogue “I choose violence” is our absolute favourite.

Game of Thrones season 6 official trailer opens with the stabbed and bleeding Jon Snow. There are practically no glimpses of what happens later with him. But if he is there in the trailer, we are keeping positive about his fate.

The one scene that really took our breath away is the one where Bran has a vision of standing in the snow and the head of the White Walkers standing right behind him. He turns and the flash changes. It is done up very well. Sansa has survived and does look stronger than before. For the first time ever we felt that Melisandre has lost hope and looked weak. In a short glimpse in which we see her, she looks extremely worried.

Then there is our Arya Stark; blind, but still training. She has her own set of issues, but something tells us that she is going to overcome them and emerge stronger. Surprisingly, Ramsay Bolton looked quite stumped and bothered. May be it is the shot from when he finds out that Sansa and his “Reek” have fled.

Too much with the rambling! Watch, watch, watch!

Watch the trailer here.

Source : GameofThrones

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