Shudh Desi Endings Answers Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali And It’s Hilarious

Why Kattappa killed Bahubali? Since the time we all have watched the epic film Bahubali we all have this one question. This is probably the question of the year. While most of us are waiting for the next year for the mystery to unfold, Shudh Desi Endings has the perfect answer to this question. It’s going to make you laugh and frantically nod your head agreeing to what you see. 31 seconds and they have nailed it! We must say that keeping in mind the present state of the nation; it all just falls in place. This could definitely be why Kattappa killed Bahubali. Among all the answers that are floating over the internet; this one gets the cake! Amidst all the banning that’s happening in the country, team Shudh desi endings definitely knows how to turn the table and generate humour.

It’s a big sarcasm on the state of the country and the way the Indian government is choosing what we must eat, dress and worship! The video became and instant hit that moment it hit youtube and was shared by all websites and viewers. This has turned out to be the question of the year apart from several others. Like what is the next thing that will get banned in India, how many husbands did Indrani have, etc. Moulding the whole why did Kattappa kill Bhahubali into the present day scenario, Shudh Desi Endings came up with something that is no less than epic. Even if you haven’t watched Bahubali, you won’t take a second to understand the context of the video here. It’s an absolute treat and a big shout out to the government who si facing a lot of hatred for banning porn in the country.

Well played!


Source: Shudh Desi Endings

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