A Turkish Couple Spent Their Wedding Day Feeding 4,000 Refugees; Faith In Humanity Restored

Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu, 24, and Esra Polat, 20, of Turkey, decided to spend the money they had received for the wedding feeding Syrian refugees. For most couples weddings are all about themselves, but for this Turkish couple it was all about the others and making their day special. The Turkish couple works for a charity and decided to spend their special day feeding their Syrian brothers. The couple was still dressed in their wedding attire when they happily took their place behind the counter and spent the day doing something this beautiful. The Turkish couple has been in the news since then for their act of kindness and generosity.

With the kind of things that are happening in and around Syria, this just melt our hearts. Away from their homes and family, we cannot even imagine what the Syrian Refugees go through every single minute. What this couple has done stands as a living example of their humanity. It so soothing to know that amidst all the mess wherein innocent lives re lost, there is still hope for humanity with these kind of people around.

The couple has lead by example and we sincerely hope that several others do the same for these refugees and the needy around them. What’s the point of feeding the rich? It’s these innocent people that needed the reassurance that will be safe and taken care of in a foreign land. The Turkish couple has been appreciated by all websites and news channels for their generosity. We have learnt a lot from them! This has got to be the sweetest thing you see on the internet today. Don’t miss it at any cost!

What a happy way to start their beautiful journey!


Source: Kimse Yok Mu

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