This Adorable Little Boy Trying To Break A Board In Taekwondo Is Taking Over The Internet

Taekwondo is a very difficult art to learn. It requires a lot of discipline and grit. This little boy enrolled in one of the classes for this terrific martial art is taking over the internet today. The little boy is trying to breaking a board to qualify for a white belt in Taekwondo and it’s taking him forever. What is the most adorable are all the techniques he uses to break the board. You will laugh out loud and just hope he was somewhere around you to cuddle. The best part is that the little boy never gave up; he kept going at it until he finally managed to knock it down. Believe us when he manages to do that, you will end up clapping like everyone else. We did!

What surprises us is the kind of passion and grit these kids have at such a tender age. This isn’t the first time we have seen such a video for Taekwondo. Previously we came across a video of a little girl reciting her oath with utmost sincerity and cuteness that cannot be described in words. What melt our hearts out here is the fact that the kid’s body language didn’t show even once that all the laughing around him bothered him. He only focused on breaking that board. he is so engrossed in getting the board cracked that eh practically uses every, little trick he can come up with. At a point in the video, you will find yourself praying that he cracks the board. Not for anything else, but to see that joy in his eyes of making it. That is much more satisfying than anything else.

This little boy will surely be a great Taekwondo champion someday!


Source: ChildrenVids

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