8 Things Men Do Differently Than Women


Men are from Mars and women are from Venus is the oldest saying we know. But different they really are, is something we only get to know when we observe the two species. There are Things Men Do Differently Than Women and cannot ever be remotely like as far as those things are concerned. Perhaps that’s what creates all the uniqueness and wonder among us.

This will probably provide a window to the women in understanding men better.

Out of a zillion things that prove how differently men and women function, we bring you 8 Things Men Do Differently Than Women.


1This is what happens when men discuss the day/fantasies as compared to girls!

Men discuss about about fantasies

Source : WordPress

Women discuss about about fantasies

Source : Tumblr

2The way men react to marriage and the way women react to marriage!

Mens reactions to marriage are different compared to women

Source : Tumblr

Womens reaction to marriage is different

Source : Tumblr

3When they get into an argument with their respective friends

Men arguments are Different Than Women

Source : Tumblr

women arguments are Different Than men

Source : Tumblr

4When they kiss someone they have liked for a long time. The description says it all!

Men describing their kiss

Source : Tumblr

Women describing their kiss

Source : Tumblr

5Women dress up for every little thing, men only dress up for weddings and formal occasions.

Men dress up only for weddings

Source : Giphy

how women Do Differently Than men while dressing up

Source : Tumblr

6Men and women have a very different notion of talking to their babies!

How men are with babies

Source : TheLoop

How women are with babies

Source : Tumblr

7A man’s bathroom will not have beyond six items; a toothbrush, soap, towel, shampoo, toothpaste and a razor. Women’s bathrooms are filled with exotic creams and lotions men cannot differentiate between!

Mens bathroom have limited items

Source : Tumblr

Womens bathroom are filled with exotic items

Source : Tumblr

8A man will spend 100 bucks for something available at 90 bucks because he needs it! A woman will spend 90 bucks for something available at 100 bucks because it is on sale! It doesn’t matter that she has ample of it already!

Men Shopping 100 bucks

Source : Tumblr

Woman spend less for an unwanted item

Source : Tumblr

Definitely there are many more Things Men Do Differently Than Women!

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