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It’s not every day that you bump into men who are elder than you and things hit off. You may have a crush on a man who is quite elder to you, but it’s a different ball game when it comes to dating older men. It’s probably one of those fantasies many women have and some are lucky enough to actually experience it. Not to say that dating guys of your age is not fun, but the idea of dating elder men is just somehow hotter for several women. We give you a list into why it’s so attractive and fun at the same time.


Science says that women mature faster than men. If you date an elder guy you are almost at the same wavelength in terms of maturity. It does wonders to your relationship!

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In most cases if a woman is dating an elder man, he has a stable job and at least a car and an apartment of his own. May be not the apartment, but still. It’s not about the money, but stability helps when you are thinking marriage.

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Not to say the younger guys aren’t fancy, but the genuinely serious-in-the-relationship kind of older guys have these fancy manners which are just impressive. We really like it when they pull chairs for us or hold doors (barring the feminists who have an issue with this!)

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Sex is always great when you are in love and contrary to most beliefs of “settled” guys being too busy for it; they manage to surprise you in ways that leaves you blushing all day!

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5Marriage is not a problem

When you are dating somebody elder to you and assuming that the guy is fairly well settled, marriage never puts your conversation in the awkward box. He is ready to settle down, ready to discuss about marriage and what shade your bedroom’s wall must look like. Try doing this with a guy of your age and it is World War 3 right there!

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6Parents approve faster

You know that time when you introduce a guy to your parents and they cringe; that doesn’t happen here. Older guys are usually sorted and therefore composed. It only takes moments for your parents to fall for your guy. Plus, daddy finally gets a buddy he can talk money and politics with.

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7Been there done that

If the guy is say 5-6 years elder to you, chances are he has tried all the madness you are willing to try today. Tomorrow, if you regret it or things don’t turn out the way you expected, you always have your man to understand and comfort you.

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See, dating older men has its perks too!

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