Bold Is Beautiful; Watch It Before It’s Banned

Never could we think of an Indian clothing apparel to come up with an ad like this! Bold Is Beautiful will definitely put a smile on your face if you support gay rights! It has broken clichés so beautifully and subtly; it left us stumped for a long time. Same sex relationships and marriage is banned in India and yet this ad challenges it boldly! The country needs to know that these people exist and that they are not wrong or at fault for the way they feel about love. Bold Is Beautiful amalgamates this concept and its products so smartly; you can’t help but applaud the team. It’s an ad for Myntra and obviously there is no way it will every make it on television. The ad doesn’t only present its beautiful collection; it celebrates love in its purest forms without any bias. You won’t find such ads very often. Not in India at least. Watch it before it’s banned.

Videos like these make us so proud tat is there is someone out there who understands that such a relationship can exist and it’s normal; that there is nothing shameful or controversial about it. It’s basically an ad for a clothing brand and has strongly lived up to its tagline bold and beautiful. It’s kind of empowering to watch such videos that challenge the society and it’s baseless, one-sided norms without sounding too aggressive or violent. If you are someone who believes in following your heart and standing up for what you believe in, then this video is for you. Watch it and tag all your friends. Let this message spread across the entire nation that today’s youth won’t get bogged down by the age old unfair norms.

Bold Is Beautiful indeed!


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