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Alia Bhatt Dubsmash is the Cutest Thing to Watch

Alia Bhatt Dubsmash video
Alia Bhatt Dubsmash

Alia Bhatt Dubsmash video

Dubsmash is really hitting off with everyone these days. The bug has not only bitten us but everyone in the industry as well. Alia Bhatt Dubsmash Video singing tune from “Garbage Bin” comic strip is the cutest thing you will watch today. After Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra and Varun Dhawan; Alia is the newest entry on the Dubsmash block. Alia Bhatt Dubsmash Video has received a lot more appreciation as compared to the other actors because of its cuteness quotient and also the content that she chose. She seems to have done this with one of her friends. Her expressions and the lines will bring a big smile on your face and you will keep watching it in a loop.

We believe what worked for everyone in the Alia Bhatt Dubsmash video is the fact that unlike her contemporary actresses, Alia didn’t go for some Bollywood dialogue. She picked up lines from a cartoon film and that made all the difference. We have seen several actors mimicking their seniors with their popular dialogues on Dubsmash; it’s rare to see an actor pick up something as random as this and ace it (unless you are talking about Ranveer Singh!). It goes out to show how celebs today aren’t people we cannot relate to. They are as fun and crazy fans of dubsmash as we are. The video went viral moments after it was posted on Youtube and other social networking sites. We now know that several young Alia Bhatt fan girls are going to attempt to make a similar video using dubsmash.

Alia Bhatt Dubsmash Video will make you go aww for a long time and we guarantee a lot of youngsters are going to dig out this one and copy it. This is the cutest thing by Alia Bhatt yet. We are waiting for more. Keep posting Alia! Have a look at it guys!


Source : Dubsmash Youtube

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