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So recently team India embarrassed team Pakistan in the Asia Cup. While the Indians couldn’t be any happier, Pakistani fans are having a difficult time coping with all the defeat that follows their way when it’s India on the opposite end. Take this Pakistani Cricket fan for example.

This guy was appalled by team Pakistan’s loss against India in the Asia Cup so much so that he requested the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Shariff to allow him to have a go at team India. The Pakistani Cricket fan spoke with so much conviction and dedication; it got hilarious by the minute. He said he is ready to shed his blood and sweat to teach a lesson to Pakistan Cricket players on how the game is supposed to be played. While he was supremely embarrassed at team Pakistan’s loss; we are pretty sure that his words have embarrassed Pakistan Cricket players much more.

The Pakistani Cricket fan kept begging and insisting that he must get one chance. He has immense faith in his talents and that team India will have a difficult time to face him. Not only that much, he is confident that he can destroy team blue without helmet or gloves.

While everyone’s sharing this guy’s video on social media; Indians are having the best time sharing it away (obviously). Humour aside, the video is proof to the obsession this sport commands among fans. It enthrals, enchants and practically leads them to a point of inexplicably aggression. The Pakistani Cricket fan has proved yet again that when it is India Vs Pakistan; it is war time!

The sport not only commands the undivided attention of us Indians, but our neighbours as well.

Watch the hilarious video here!

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