The Tiranga: A Video That Beautifully Explains The Meaning Of Freedom

So Independence Day is round the corner and most of us are now busy nurturing our patriotic selves and getting into the mood of things. But what is the meaning of the tri-colour on our flag. What does freedom mean to us at large? The Tiranga beautifully explains this concept to us through spell binding Indian classical dance forms. The Tiranga will fill your chest with pride and tear you up. Freedom can mean varied things to us separately, but when we address freedom at large what is it that we are looking for? The Tiranga answers this and so much more. Don’t just watch this video; listen to every word very carefully. It explains free will and freedom to you like nobody ever has until now.

While all the Western forms of dance are trending in the country and the roots of traditional Indian dances weakening; we are glad someone picked them up and showed us what Independence means. The video has created a rage on the internet with everyone sharing the video on their Facebook wall and tweeting about it. We often demand for several kinds of Independence and put up flags on our cars during the 15th of August. But what does the tricolour on our flag really stand for? We studied that in school and completely forgot about it today, right? That’s what the video is trying to put into light here. have we really understood freedom and it’s meaning? Is it only limited to our personal needs or are we really looking at the macro level when we demand fro something in the society. There’s a lot Indians need to be proud of and aren’t.

The Tiranga is a must watch in this patriotic season.


Source: BeingIndian

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