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Beautiful Typographic Art Created With A Phone Keypad

TypoSpective - Beautiful Typographic Art

Beautiful Typographic Art 


Egypt based creative director Sherif Samy has launched a new project called TypoSpective. It is “a minimalist typographic experiment blending meanings and visual representations of words. solely created using a single phone keypad”. This brilliant and witty Typographic Art gives a different window to the viewers to look at words with a different perspective. This Typographic Art uses minimalistic designs and interacts with the viewers on a personal level. The designs aren’t just creative; they are also extremely informative. The site is an inspiration for several other designers who believe in such novel concepts.

These guys have explored and taken beyond the idea of art and presented it in such a beautiful way that it has left all of us spellbound. These are so smartly designed that they can also be used as flash cards for, perhaps middle school children. The reason being that the images don’t only given out the correct spelling but also the meaning of every word. The design for every word is so apt that if one was introduced to a new word in English through these images, he’d get a general idea on what the word could mean. For those who understand the meaning of all the words, this art is an eye candy. it’s such a treat to the eyes to watch words come alive just by a simple design that’s neither loud on colours or on matter. It’s unique, it’s challenging and it’s mind-numbingly creative. Of the many creatives that we have come across recently, this one tops the list for sure.

Here are a few illustrations from this fantastic Typographic Art website called TypoSpective.


Beautiful Typographic Art showing blood


Beautiful Typographic Art showing tornado


Beautiful Typographic Art showing superman


Beautiful Typographic Art showing birds


Beautiful Typograpic Art showing Dive


Beautiful Typograpic Art showing football


Beautiful Typography Art showing ghost

Sand Castle
Beautiful Typography Art showing sand castle


This is really Smart!


You can check out their Facebook page.

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