The Stranger On The Bus Is One Of The Best Thrillers You Will Watch Today

It started off as something we thought would lead to something we don’t want to see. When a woman is travelling alone in a bus late in the night and a man enters with his evil intentions clear on his face, it isn’t only uncomfortable, but also extremely disturbing. Usually we know how these stories end, but there is a big difference here. The stranger on the bus describes what happens when a woman decides to answer.

The answer may not agree with everyone, but for some reason it will give you a certain peace. May be, like us, you will expect too that there is someone out there doing these things. The stranger on the bus is a beautifully conceptualized take on the recent assaults on women that have been grabbing the headlines off and on. They have taken the same premise of anyone entering an empty bus with you and changing your life (for the worse) forever. But the conclusion is just so different.

It is more along the lines of what if the other person’s life changed. The stranger on the bus may seem like a simple film with a difference, but there are several layers to the character. From one angle she may be imparting justice, but from the other she could raise a lot of questions. The film has been sharply directed and crisply edited.

Name thriller, suspense, fear, psycho-killer, justice, doubt, or anything else; it is all in here. The stranger on the bus is one short film that shows you several elements of the human emotion all at once. Also, it gives out a big message on how we are usually quick to judge people based on their looks. This judgement enables us to label the dominant and the docile in the relationship or within the frame put before us. It isn’t always so.

Watch and find out.


Source: Creative Clouds

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