Honest Diwali Wishes By Brands


How do brands wish you on Diwali? They either offer you a humongous discount or load you with advertisements of products. What do popular websites do? They show you what celebrities are going to do on Diwali and New Year; while you jollily browse through the article, they make ample money from your time.

Whether you agree or not, brands aren’t honest with you; these backslap-worthy creative designs on honest Diwali wishes by brands stands proof to that. After looking at the hilarious, sarcasm loaded (they will burn!) designs on honest Diwali wishes by brands you will know why exactly we posted these and how relevant it is this festive season. It’s not new probably you have had this in your mind all along. It’s only that now there is somebody out there who expressed your thoughts in the right way.

The only person earning out of the huge Diwali online bumper sales is the owner of the newspaper. Several online shopping sites have been criticized of being overpriced or fooling their clients. If you have felt cheated, this is the place for you to vent. The honest Diwali wishes by brands are designed by Fireflydaily.com. These are some of the most epic designs that we have seen lately. Have a look!


1Now that there is no website, we are bombed by the app every moment!
Myntra Honest Diwali Wishes By Brands


2This happens to us every time, no?

Print Venue Honest Diwali Wishes By Brands


3As if that is even happening!
Tiny Owl Honest Diwali Wishes By Brands


4FYI we are genuinely NOT INTERESTED!
Miss Malini Honest Diwali Wishes By Brands


Honest Diwali Wishes By Flipkart


6Why you do this, Vijay Sales?

Honest Diwali Wishes By Vijay Sales


7You know what cheap means here, right?
Shopclues Honest diwali wishes


8That moment when you click on the link and waste five minutes of your day (sometimes)
Scoop whoop Diwali Wishes


9We are hungry and they show food; what else do you expect?
Zomato Diwali Wishes


10Too much has been said about this one already!
Toi Diwali msgs


11Hum Paytm kyun kare?
Paytm diwali wishes

This is honest Diwali wishes by brands would sound like.

Share it away, people! Some of these brands need to know that we get their strategies!

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