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This 65 Year Old Retired Teacher Paid $1,100 To Save 100 Dogs From Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Yulin Dog Meat Festival
Yang Xiaoyun

Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Lately the world has come out very aggressively to stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Despite of all the outrage that China is facing currently for its inhuman treatment towards dogs for this festival; it still seems unfazed by it and has decided to continue with what it is doing. Amidst all of this, Yang Xiaoyun, a 65 year old retired teacher travelled 1,500 miles and paid 1,100 dollars to rescue 100 dogs from this inhuman act. She runs a shelter where she has over a 100 dogs under her care and keeps them safe.

In a time when humanity is questioned every second of the day, it’s so heart warming to know that there is somebody out there who is doing it right. If dogs could talk in human language, we know they wouldn’t have stopped thanking this lady for the initiative she has taken. We sincerely hope there is some body in China that pays her for doing she is doing so that she can take better care of the dogs. Right now with the kind of money she has, it’s inspiring to see that she uses more than half of the money for these dogs. She has set an example for everyone in the world and the internet is celebrating this woman’s deeds on all social media websites.

Here are some of the images of this courageous woman with a golden heart.


She managed to rescue 100 dogs and take them to her shelter

Yang Xiaoyun rescued 100 dogs

Waiting to rescue cages dogs…

Yang Xiaoyun paid to stope yulin dog meat festival

Her shelter for dogs is called ‘Common Home’

Yang Xiaoyun named the shelter for dogs "Common home"

She also looks after their health and provides medical facilities

Yang Xiaoyun looks after their health and provides medical facilities

She makes the dogs steamed corn breads twice a day

Yang Xiaoyun Save 100 Dogs

And gives them a little treat every weekend

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

There is still Hope for this world!

Old retired teacher travelled 1,500 miles to rescue dogs

Image credits: Animals Asia 

h/t: BoredPanda

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