Modern World Caricature Illustrations


Progress we say, but is it really that? Most of us are involved in unsatisfying, soul crushing jobs all for the money. We have bound ourselves so firmly in a rat race to excellence that we cannot see beyond that. Social media tightens its grip over us every single minute and yet we choose not to stop it. Amidst these alarming situations Steve Cutts introduced illustrations that work as a catalyst of change. An illustrator from London, Cutts had the option to work at McDonalds or study Fine Arts; he chose the latter.  He makes videos and illustrations that criticize modern life. His modern world caricature illustrations are shocking and alarming. Among the many illustrations that we have seen, these modern day caricature illustrations are unique; extremely disturbing, but true.

From turning into literal couch potatoes to zombies with phones; this man has covered every possible arena of our lives that is affected because of technology and the so called “fast lifestyle”. We know how to play games on the laptop, but cannot kick a ball for real. The images could also remind you of Terminator Genesis that was based on the same concept of technology turning humans into slaves. It’s very poignant and alarming. It has turned around something that we are proud of today and showed us the ugly, disturbing truth that we haven’t seen or are ignoring. The images have received immense appreciation on social media and people are sharing it away! We are wondering if it’s still going to make a change. We feel that the images have just become another “trend” on social media. What’s needed is not just sharing, but a deeper look into it’s message to ponder over one’s actions and later them if needed. Unless that’s done, everything else is fruitless.


Alarming Modern World Caricature Illustrations


Alarming Modern World Caricature Illustrations


Alarming Modern World Caricature Illustrations


Evil Santa Alarming Modern World Caricature Illustrations

Modern day Illustrations designs


Steve Cutts illustrations designs


Steve Cutts illustrations designs

Steve Cutts illustrations designs

Steve Cutts illustrations designs


Steve Cutts alarming illustrations designs

Shocking, isn’t it?

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