This Foolproof Daddy Advice From Imran Khan Is Adorable

Imran Khan learnt parenting the hard way and now has a couple of advises for all new dads. Foolproof Daddy Advice From Imran Khan by GQ will make you laugh out loud and go “aww” for this adorable actor. And if you think he has some serious piece of advice, he does, just in a different way! Imran Khan has always been charming, but this has taken thing to yet another level. In a heart-to-heart daddy guy talk, Imran has made things hilarious and interesting for all of us. Also check out the pun, Foolproof Daddy Advice From Imran Khan, the title speaks volumes! All the new daddies out there don’t miss this!

It’s cute, sweet and all those adjectives, no doubt! But we’d really love to see all of this and more that Imran is capable of on screen. The guy has been missing in action on screen since forever. With his Katti Batti coming up next, we are riding on high hopes that the actor will entertain us with his brilliant acting skills. The video here breaks a lot of clichés since it’s a man here who talks about parenting with all of us. It’s quite rare since it’s usually the woman who does or is expected to do the job. The video has got a big thumbs up by the who’s who of the industry and all of Imran’s fans. it’s always cute when men talk about kids, no? This guy has raised expectations for every other woman now. Everyone’s going to pray that they get married to a guy like him.

All the women out there, time to see something really adorable! Most of the women will start praying for a guy like Imran by the time the video ends!



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