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In An Attempt To Chat With Vir Das, This Guy Started The Hangout Campaign

The Hangout Campaign

The Hangout Campaign


How often has it been that you have followed someone’s work via television and/or social media and always dreamt of meeting him/her? Often would be the obvious answer. What do most of us do about it? Either we wait for some reality show to get us to meet that star or we just keep wishing. The hangout campaign by Boris Gomes is the exact opposite of this.

It all started out when Boris started watching “Potcasts” that Vir Das has started doing recently. It made him understand the potential of a brilliant conversation he’d have with the stand-up comedian if they were to meet. And unlike many of us who’d probably wait until eternity and beyond to grab a chance to meet a star, Boris started the hangout campaign.

The Hangout Campaign

How did it all begin?

Basically I started out watching the Potcasts that Vir Das recently started doing and absolutely loved them. The things he said were things that I would say to my friends. After the 9th one I realized that the conversation, if we were to hangout, would be absolutely amazing.

This got him to start the hangout campaign and here’s what it is all about.

What is it about?

I started a campaign to get his attention and use the internet to hangout with Vir Das. Now I am waiting on him to see it somewhere and say yes.


Boris already has a list of topics he’d really love to discuss with Vir Das and also “pick his brains on a number of things he hasn’t spoken about.”

The Hangout Campaign

He has been sharing a number of images on his wall in order to get Vir Das’ attention. One of the most critical parts of this unique campaign is also to test the power of social media and internet in general. We often say how we are in an age where no one is really far away. May be this is a good campaign to test that.

Contrary to what might seem like a fan attempting to meet his idol, Boris clarifies that he is actually looking forward to meet him because he believes he will have a brilliant conversation with the comedian/actor. It’s more about sharing ideas, thoughts and opinions on an array of topics rather than gawking at him.

The Hangout Campaign

“I believe that he is very intelligent and I’d like to hit the peak of an awesome conversation”, concludes Boris.

It’s not every day we come across campaigns like this one. Let’s share away and check the power of the internet. Let’s make The Hangout Campaign happen!

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