Game of Thrones Season 6 Teaser


It is here! It is here! I am hyperventilating! What would you do in my place? It has only been eight hours since the teaser came out and it has gone viral beyond anyone’s imagination. Game of Thrones season 6 teaser is what each one of us is going to talking about this weekend. It is extremely short but ridiculously powerful.

What is it about? JON SNOW! Yeah, that’s what we have taken from all of it. It is also about Bran and his vision to a great extent and our badass white walkers. We are shown flashes of all that has happened by far in the show through Bran’s vision. The closing scene shows Jon Snow on the ice bleeding, an image that went viral after the end of season 5. Game of Thrones season 6 teaser may not really give you any hints or answers (if you are looking for any), but it does give you immense goose bumps. Especially the end of the teaser where it is all dark and we here Bran saying “they don’t know what is coming their way”, that was it!

Honestly not of us know what is coming our way, do we? But the fact that Game of Thrones season 6 teaser has put Jon Snow in the limelight looks like a ray of hope for all the fans. He is a survivor, we tell you that! I really wanted to see a lot more of Tyrion. Unfortunately I only saw one or two flashes of him in the teaser. HBO is smart, those guys know that it is Jon Snow who is getting them all the attention and boy they are banking on it! Whatever it is, at least it is a start. The feeling it gives you that ultimately “winter” isn’t too far this summer (paradox!) is awesome.

Do I even need to say that you CANNOT miss this?!


Source: GameofThrones

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