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10 Hilarious Answers From Siri On iPhone

Hilarious Answers From Siri
Iphone Siri

Hilarious Answers From Siri 


For those of you who or what Siri is; this post is going to make you wish you had an iphone. The internet went bonkers lately when someone posted an image of Siri answering a dumb/awkward question hilariously. People have taken to social media since then and posted images of hilarious answers by Siri. For those of you who do not know who Siri is; she is the Apple iPhone and iPads’ virtual assistant that answers to any question you ask. Some of her answers are not only hilarious but also extremely witty and sarcastic.

On the down side, Android. please come up with something for your users as well. Something this fun!

Here are a few Hilarious Answers From Siri.


1Try and confess your feelings to Siri and here’s what she will tell you!

Hilarious Answers From Siri

Source : App Saga

2This is one of the best Hilarious Answers From Siri! Probabaly Nolan would have described it the same way!

Hilarious Answers From Siri

Source : Bored Panda

3Siri why you jealous, bro? Her sarcasm is sharper than a butcher’s knife!

Hilarious Answers From Siri

Source : Bored Panda

4Random questions; hilarious answers!

Siri response smart and witty

Source : Gadget Review

5Why this was even asked in the first place?!

Siri answers to a tongue twister

Source : Hub Pages

6Ah! A different interpretation to the famous lines!

Siri's iconic reply to the famous question

Source : Just Something

7She can be an absolute wife, cant she? Hahahahahahahaha!

Siri acting as a wife

Source : Just Something

8Let’s be clear about the contract once more!

Sir answers to "will you marry me"

Source : The Verge

9Absolutely loyal to her makers, this one!

Siri is loyal to its creators

Source : The WWW Blog

10ROFL! What is it that Siri CANNOT do?

Siri responds to dirty naught questions

Source : The Verge

We are sure you enjoyed these Hilarious Answers From Siri. If you own an iPhone try asking a few crazy questions and send us screenshots; we could put them up.

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