This Girl Follows Her Father Everywhere; High Time We Help The Farmer

Help the farmer is a much needed initiative taken by a lot of NGOs and the rest. But we often don’t see the results. What happens? How does the family live? What are the kind of stress issues and fears that they go through? Most of us assume that we know, but it’s a whole different thing to look at it. This little girl in the video follows her father everywhere and the reason is going to break your heart. It is one of those moments when you really feel helpless and frustrated.

It’s the kind of video that s going to disturb and haunt you for a long time. Food is a necessity for all of us, but we seldom give importance to how does every grain may it’s way to our plate. What is it that a farmer and a family go through only to fill our stomachs? And instead of celebrating the labour and dedication of these people, we often ignore them. The video isn’t just a testimony on what happens to farmer when there aren’t any rains, it brings to light the extreme psychological pressure his family goes through. We have lately seen innumerable reports of farmers committing a suicide because of drought. Can’t we do anything to fill the stomachs of the people who work hard every minute to fill our stomachs?

Everyone appreciated Nana Patekar for donating money to help farmers and that was about it. What is needed today is not just encouragement and appreciation, but also leading and/or following by action. That will take us far, that is the medicine for humanity today. The video is a wake up call for us and for the government to act vigilantly for our farmers.

Help the farmer is an initiative by Skymet Weather. Please give it a look and share it.


Source: Skymet Weather


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