Game of Thrones Hall of Faces Parody

Game Of Thrones Hall Of Faces Parody

This what we love about Game of Thrones! In spite of the fact that the show has brutal in its content and subject, the actors always find a way to keep things light and fun for fans all over the world. Take this brilliant Game of Thrones Hall of Faces Parody for example; it’s fun, hilarious, entertaining and just something that will leave every fan in splits.

The Game of Thrones Hall of Faces Parody features Daenerys, Cersei, Theon and ummm..Ramsay (yeah we know :/). The video is all kinds of awesome and just the perfect something to set you in the mood for the next day (CANNOT BELIEVE WE ONLY HAVE A DAY LEFT TO THE PREMIERE NOW!).

Personally, we’d really love if more characters were a part of this hilarious mix up. It’s worth every minute of your time. What we loved the most is the way they take each other’s cases, especially Theon’s. Poor guy, we feel for him, but this one was absolutely hilarious.

It’s also the perfect time to release this video. Given that the show’s sixth season is going to kick start in 24 hours, it’s good that we get to see the lighter, funnier side right now. We know that later, it is going to be massively brutal and scary.

Game of Thrones Hall of Faces was a big deal when it came up the first time on the internet. Given that it put everyone’s faces on it, all of us didn’t take more than moments to lose our shit! This parody has probably picked up on that shock and then given it a funny twist.

So now we are just hours away and the restlessness has set in like never before, just watch this and cool down a bit (if you can!).

P.S: we specifically missed Tyrion in this one. his wit here, would have done wonders.


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