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Move aside the Khans and the Kumars, it’s not your year. How else could you define a woman who managed to give Bollywoood it’s first 100 crore film? Kangana Ranaut Dialogues and her films have been the buzzword lately. Kangana is in such a space right now that she can do nothing wrong. She has managed to conquer Bollywood and our hearts faster than we say “Kangana”. What separtes her from others is her attitude, approach towards her profession and they way she selects films. Her versatility speaks volumes about the artist she is. While the entire industry is celebrating this wonderful, talented woman; why must we be left behind? Here are 10 Kangana Ranaut Dialogues that prove her unadulterated, raw talent.

The woman had proved her metal long back with movies like Gangster and fashion. Unfortunately, directors weren’t able to analyse that and offer the right roles to this woman until lately. Today, Kangana is not only at the top, but also the highest paid actress in the industry. These images aren’t just based on her recent films. These are a testimony to this actress’ brilliant sense of timing and acting in almost every movie that did well on the box office. As the elder daughter, she has managed to take care of her younger sister, manage her wedding, have a career, live alone and make a space of her own in this industry. It’s not a child’s play and that’s why Kangana today, is the icon for several young women who wish to make it big in the industry. You have to watch her work to realize what a gem she is to the Indian cinema and how she is here to stay. We won’t be surprised if she directs her film soon.

Until then, Read, share and celebrate the brilliance called “Kangana Ranaut”!

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