Thursday, October 5, 2023
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This Man Walked 20 Miles To Create This Stunning Game Of...

Game Of Thrones Snow Art This is genius! Wait, it is actually beyond genius! This Game of Thrones snow art is no piece of cake....

15 Brutally Honest Posters Depicting Our Addiction To Technology

Addiction To Technology   While we all progressed with the help of technology, we didn’t realize how it would alter our priorities and bring about an...

These Modern World Caricature Illustrations Are Alarming

Modern World Caricature Illustrations   Progress we say, but is it really that? Most of us are involved in unsatisfying, soul crushing jobs all for the...

This Bosnian Artist Carves Stunning Pencil Tip Sculptures

Stunning Pencil Tip Sculptures   It’s very normal to see artists use several tools to create their illustrations/sculptures, but it’s rare to see an artist turn...

Brazilian Artist Turns Photos of People Into Funny Illustrations

Brazilian Artist Turns People Portraits Into Funny Illustrations   There is no end to creativity and Brazilian artist Julio Cesar proved that yet again. The Brazilian...

Meghdhanush: A Beautiful Rainbow Of Music

Meghdhanush   I sit nervously at a café with my partner, waiting to interview the most acclaimed band from Ahmedabad; rather Gujarat (I dare say). I...



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