Addiction To Technology


While we all progressed with the help of technology, we didn’t realize how it would alter our priorities and bring about an alarming attitudinal change. Our addiction to technology and everything that it offers is so grave that now we see community articles showing us how we are losing out on living life in the real world. The virtual world seems comfortable; a means to make us feel better about ourselves (even t the cost of hurting others); therefore it feeds our ego and we love that. Ajit Johnson realized the gravity of this generation’s addiction to technology and came up with a series of images that humorously mock our priorities; hitting the right chord.

Here’s what he had to say,


“I am Ajit Johnson, a Ph.D. student working in cancer genetics and genomics and when I am not deconvoluting the complexity of cancer (or at least that’s what I tell myself), I love telling stories through my art to spread love, hope and encouragement.”

Whatsapp Conversation Addiction To Technology

Addiction To Technology, Google then and now


“It was one of those unproductive days when I realized that I look at my phone or open web pages far too long than needed, which inspired me to take up a challenge of not using my phone for a day.”

Candy Crush Life Addiction To Technology

Addiction To Technology


“It was extremely difficult, but very soon I realized, how much more productive I can get and how much time I had which I thought never existed.”
Typing lol shows Addiction To Technology

Addiction to facebook likes


“#ThisGeneration is a set of minimal posters that I designed to emphasize the need to acknowledge the invasion of tech addiction without even being aware of it.”Whatsapp Last Seen

Duck face Selfie


“Use of technology is of course fun and extremely useful but blinding oneself of the dark side (cyber bullying, privacy etc…) can be equally dangerous.”

Blogging addiction to technology

Verified Profile


“Also, spending much time plugged in affects our relationships in a huge way, studies say.”CHildren texting on the road

Help I am Preganant


“Anyway, being guilty of many of these posters myself, I hope this series gets the message across in a hilarious manner.”Wifi Addiction

Taking notes in new generation

Addiction to technology hence proved!


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