Huge Melisandre Secret

This is as big as it gets! Game of Thrones season 6 premiere was everything the viewers would want and a lot that they didn’t expect in the wildest of their dreams. We are talking about Melisandre. The season 6 premiere titled “The Red Woman” gave away that Melisandre is going to dominate the subject of the premiere episode. But we just didn’t guess how! The huge Melisandre secret in the premiere has brought it a lot of unrest and theories to life.


As revealed in the final scene of the premiere, Melisandre has been keeping her ‘true age’ magically disguised for long. Therefore she is not the 39 year old good looking Carice Van Houten like; she is actually shocking older.

Huge Melisandre secret

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Take like a minute and allow that to sink in.

This is another potent example on the power of magic and its importance in the show. We can also safely assume now that the show is gradually reaching its end, given that it is only going to have two more seasons now.

Now let’s get back to the huge Melisandre secret and what does it mean. First up it means that the woman knows her business. She is obviously a pro in magic which now gives us hope that she knows enough to raise Jon Snow from his grave. We obviously haven’t got a clue about that but his body is still intact for some magical reanimation.

In the most recent book Dance of the Dragons Melisandre does tell Jon snow that she has the power to create illusions and the power is called ‘Glamor’. In fact, in the book, Arya is also informed about the skill of ‘glamor’ by the faceless man.

Now what is it that really helps Melisandre keep the illusion? It is the ruby necklace that she usually wears on the show.

Huge Melisandre secret

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Carice Van Houten was obviously informed of the huge Melisandre secret from the start and she has often mentioned in interviews that Melisandre is at least several centuries old. Now we have proof.

Let’s hope her ‘age’ and ‘experience’ resurrects Snow!

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