What If Brands Were Honest


So we love our pizzas and sodas but we all know that they are lying on our face when they claim to be healthy and hygienic. Mintified.com came up with 16 posters on What If brands Were Honest and it is spot on. The posters are honest, quirky and loaded with sarcasm. The posters enunciate smartly what do brands have to say about themselves if they ever opted for honesty.

We all know how the PR team of every company focuses on emotionalizing the product and seeing to it that the message hits the people. What most of us may not know is that the PR is also quite popular in camouflaging the “disturbing reality” of every product and how it can damage our body or burn a hole in our pockets. If these brands were honest, we would have not been consuming or using any of these today. And it isn’t even like we don’t know the reality of these brands. It’s just that we are so addicted to it that we ignore the consequences completely. This article is a just a simple reminder on the kind of things your body is going through after consuming these unhealthy products. We know that it’s not going to make you stop having those, but even if it helps in getting you to reduce the amount you consume, it’d be great! Don’t just read this, share it across all social media platforms. Most of us know that this is 100% true, but no company is ever going to own up to it.

Alas, this is never going to happen for real. Read carefully and decide.


What If Brands Were Honest- Mcdonalds


What If Brands Were Honest- Limca


What If Haldirams Brand Were Honest


Honest Brand SLogan -Pepsi


What If KFC Brand Was Honest-


What If Coca cola Brand Was Honest


If subway Brand Was Honest


If fantaBrand Was Honest


If dominoes pizza Brand Was Honest


If Mirinda Brand Was Honest


Burger King Honest slogan


Mountain Dew Honest slogan


Dunkin Donuts Honest slogan


Red Bull Honest slogan


Star Bucks Honest slogan


Honest Cafe coffee day slogan


If you have more ideas on What If Brands Were Honest; share in comments or write to us.

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