WOW: The New Captain America Civil War Trailer Is Extremely Intense

Whose side are you on? This is one question that is going to haunt us until we pick a side. If you are one of those who is torn between the two magnanimous superheroes; this trailer is going to make it all the more difficult for you. The new Captain America Civil War trailer is all kinds of awesome. It is insanely packed with action long enough to entertain you and short enough to keep you craving for more.

The new Captain America Civil War trailer was uploaded a day back and it has been exciting fans across the globe. Already our world is torn between Batman and Superman; Captain America and Ironman and trailer likes these are making it impossible for us! One thing is for sure that whatever happens in this instalment of Captain America is going to make all the difference for Avengers next year.

The video is trending on all social media platforms with people expressing not only their excitement but also a lengthy explanation to whose side they have picked and why. It is never easy for our first Avenger (Captain America) to ditch his friend who is seen as a threat by the rest of the world including our very own Ironman. While Captain America makes a hard choice, his move impacts his relationship with Ironman.

The movie also features all the other major superheroes we saw in Avengers 2 last year. Except for Hulk of course! Where the hell is he hiding anyway? Okay deviated from the topic again. But this is exactly what superheroes do to us isn’t it?

The new Captain America Civil War trailer is something you must not miss under any circumstances.

Quick note for those who haven’t watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier; give it a look. If you won’t it isn’t going to be easy understanding what’s happening in the upcoming one.


Source: Movieclips Trailers

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