Mispronounced Food Words By Tomato’s Restaurant 


India’s food culture is booming and we have welcomed foreign cuisine with open arms. We love the taste, we know the recipe, but when it comes to pronouncing it; we just aren’t sure. Most of it has lead to an endless debate among foodies over who is correct and why. Mispronounced Food Words are mocked by several and just makes us feel self conscious for all the reasons under the sun. Tomato’s Restaurant, Ahmedabad, recently put up 10 images on its Facebook page explaining Mispronounced Food Words in two languages (Hindi and Gujarati) to reach out to a larger audience. It’s definitely a tailor made initiative for Indians and Gujaratis in particular. It’s very inspiring to watch restaurants taking a step up and reaching out to their clients by educating them in world cuisines, food culture and how they are pronounced. Well done Tomato’s. The designs are brilliant and so is the idea.

Have a look!


The ‘J’ confuses most of us and we tend to take it in the pronunciation pattern. Surprisingly ‘J’ has nothing to do with it!

Mispronounced Food Words -Jalapeno


We know it almost looks like a tongue twister at first.

Mispronounced Food Words -Chilaquiles


Again! The ‘L’ gets us this time. Mexican food definitely confuses us with the spelling and the pronunciations.

Mispronounced Food Words - Quesadillas


This is fairly easy. Almost everyone gets it right.

Mispronounced Food Words - Zucchini


And the ‘L’ strikes again!

Mispronounced Food Words - Tortilla


We all know it as some baked dish that tastes delicious, but tend not to pronounce it for the fear of goofing up.

Proper pronunciation of lasagna


It has ‘CH’ and is pronounced as ‘SKE’!

Proper pronunciation of bruschetta


‘J’ is anything but ‘J’ in Mexican food. Established!

Proper pronunciation of fajitas


Popularly known as the spiral pasta!

Proper pronunciation of fusilli


Everyone’s yummy comfort food!

Proper pronunciation of burrito

We are glad some restaurant took the initiative to do this. Well done, Tomato’s!

Happy eating guys!

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