This Beautiful Main Hoon Hero Tera Mash Up Will Satiate Your Soul

If you love the original, you will definitely fall in love with this version by Vidya; Main Hoon Hero Tera Mash Up sounds so beautiful and tranquil, you will keep it on repeat for the entire day! Who could have thought of such a creative All Of Me Main Hoon Hero Tera Mash Up except Vidya? You are really making your place in our hearts each time girl! Just beautiful! The country froze when Salman Khan sang Main Hoon Hero Tera and it topped the chartbusters in no time. Somebody please get Salman to listen to this! We are sure when he will, he is going to put it somewhere in the film, it is that good!

Over the past few years we have seen a consistent rise among youtube stars and this girl is turning out to be just that. Talk of soulful music or an amalgamation of East meets West and this is where you must head to. The original “Main Hoon Hero Tera” is being appreciated across all platforms. Then came Salman Khan’s version; the Bollywood superstar lent his voice for the title track and took to the next level. The song is already topping the chart busters and with the unplugged versions making their way into everyone’s music library the competition is getting tougher. Amidst all of this it’s difficult to accommodate a new version of the song in the market and make it work. We are glad this one made it’s way and entertained us. You may not find too many changes in the track, but it’s always beautiful to hear a woman sing this track. It’s the first time we have heard it in a female voice; it’s mesmerising in every bit of the song.

This one is a sure treat for all Salman Khan fans!


Source: Vidya Vox

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