Bigg Boss nine Salman Shahrukh Promo
Bigg Boss nine Salman Shahrukh Promo

This Bigg Boss Nine Salman Shahrukh Promo Is Winning The Internet

When went frantic and did our happy dance when we saw this Bigg Boss nine Salman Shahrukh promo is the best thing you will watch today! Your entire epic Karan Arjun Bollywood dose will reach its epitome reach here. Surely now bygones are bygones after this promo between the two Khans of Bollywood.

Salman Shahrukh are coming together on the small screen as brothers/buddies yet again for a special weekend on Bigg Boss this upcoming weekend. Bigg Boss nine hasn’t been giving the kind of TRPs that were expected out of it. As a result Salman Khan has taken it upon himself to ensure better viewership. Blame it on the timing of the show or the contestants, it just isn’t working. Salman is now seen three days a week instead of the usual weekends. He is putting it all to shoot up the TRPs.

Now with this Bigg Boss nine Salman Shahrukh promo, our “Prem” can take a bit of a rest. The promo is already receiving insane views and likes on social media. After a lot of gossip and speculation about the stars’ much discussed heated argument, they are now back again! Fans couldn’t have been happier! The actors are reportedly going to entertain their fans on the 19th and 20th of December. There has already been a lot of talk on what and how the episode must come out like.

Set in the background of a very familiar “Karan-Arjun” theme, we find the stars subtly promoting their films in the promo. The end is the cutest! Salman and Shahrukh both are riding a side-car scooter. It promptly reminds you of yeh dosti hum nahin todenge from Sholay. The Bigg Boss nine Salman Shahrukh promo has shut down all critics who opinionated about ego issues in Bollywood.


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